Advanced Electronics Tasks

You must make something cool each quarter. Below is a list of the sort of things I have in mind. You will have to document your progress along the way in a web log and you'll create a final project page presenting the finished product.

Color Sensor
  1. Make this:
  2. Watch this video:
  3. Review: Tone Output
  4. Make something inspired by the video with your Arduino
Make a Home Alarm System - Model
  1. Must include at least two different types of sensor
  2. Must include at least two mechanisms for alerting people that the alarm was tripped
  3. Bonus for including a mechanical system to "trap" the intruder
Create Pong
  1. Work through:
    1. Communicating with Processing
    2. Advanced Communication with Processing
    3. or you can figure out how to implement Firmata with Arduino and Processing
  2. Create a circuit with two potentiometers to control your paddels.
Drum Bot
  1. Make an Arduino version of this:
  2. Start with one that is stationary. If you get that working then we can look at making it drive around.
  1. Grab the Picaxe stuff off the shelf
  2. Get the Picaxe guide out of the cupbord
  3. Work through the "Arduino Lessons" with the Picaxe stuff. Note: The programming language is totally different. What I'm really saying is figure out how to do all the stuff you've learned with Arduino with the Picaxe.
iRobot Create
  1. Figure out how to program it
  2. Figure out how to have an Arduino control it

  1. Work through the BOE-Bot kit (I mean all the way through, no jumping around)
  2. Take complete notes to document progress, comparing to the Arduino platform
Pitch Another Idea
  1. Seen something cool you want to make? Let me know