Assignment 8.1

posted Aug 22, 2010, 2:28 PM by Unknown user
I made a simple 4-key piano that plays a C Major Arpeggio. 

Arduino Code:
#include "pitches.h"  //includes relevant library
int switch1 = 7  //declares variables
int switch2 = 6
int switch3 = 5
int switch4 = 4

void setup() {
  pinMode(switch1, INPUT); //sets pins to inputs
  pinMode(switch2, INPUT);
  pinMode(switch3, INPUT);
  pinMode(switch4, INPUT);
  pinMode(switch5, INPUT);

void loop() {
  if (digitalRead(switch1) == HIGH) {  //if the first switch is pressed, 
    tone(3, NOTE_C3, 50);                //play C3
  if (digitalRead(switch2) ==HIGH) {   //if the second switch is pressed,
    tone(3, NOTE_E3, 50);                //play E3
  if (digitalRead(switch3) == HIGH) { //if the third switch is pressed,
    tone(3, NOTE_G3, 50);                //play G3
  if (digitalRead(switch4) == HIGH) {  //if the fourth switch is pressed,
    tone(3, NOTE_C4, 50);                //play C4

I downloaded Fritzing, but nothing happens when try to open the file. I see if I can figure it out and post the Fritzing picture later.