Danny McGee Final project- FishOmatic

This is a fishing pole mounted on wood stilts. It has a servo that is powered be an arduino that automatically twitches the line for you so that you don't have to hold the fishing rod. It contains a accelerometer that tells the the Led light to turn on when it senses something tugged on the line.

The way this program works is there are a number of different codes that are put into the Arduino to make it do certain things. Everything at the beginning of the setup is run through only one time unless you press the reset button on the Arduino. The Arduino then goes through a loop and checks if there is a Double tap on the accelerometer, if the accelerometer senses a double tap it then goes to the digital write Ledpin high, which means it turns on the LED light on the breadboard which lets you know you have a fish on, when your done reeling the fish in and you want to set your pole back up all you have to do is press the reset button on the Arduino which then goes back to the digital write Ledpin low which means it turns off the Led light and it will start over all the way back to the beginning of the setup again.

A problem that I encountered when making my Arduino were that I was having issues trying to find a spot to mount my servo so that the line wouldn't get tangled around the wood piece holding the rod, so i had to set my servo to only go from 10 degrees to 50 degrees instead of going from 0 degrees to 180 degrees because otherwise my line would have gotten tangles around the wood.

Another issue that took me a while to work through was trying to hook up the accelerometer so that it wasn't sensing the servo twitching as a double tap from a fish, I just had to finally find out a different way to mount the accelerometer so that it wasn't so sensitive.

My last problem was trying to find out where to place my Ledpin low, after trying different spots and taking some time to think about it, and some help from Mr.Dickie, i was finally able to solve the problem.