Physical Computing 2010

Log into this page. Look down in the fine print for "sign in". You'll use the username and password that you use for your DC email.

    1. After loggin in Click on the "Create" Button

    2. Select the Announcement Template

    3. Title Your Page

    4. Put "Under Physical Computing 2010"

Log Clarifications:

You should create a log entry every day you work on stuff related to this course, not just for assignments. These should include things like:

    • What did you do?

    • Did you face any problems? Did you overcome the problems? If so, how?

Assignment entries should include more than just code:

    • You should include a brief description of the program and/or circuit.

    • What does the program do?

    • Which pins on the Arduino are being used?

You should also check out the Course Rubrics on out site.