Project Ideas

Here are some of the many different things I've found on the net. For a complete list of cool Arduino projects I've found just follow this link. Some of the projects listed below don't use the Arduino, but they all could.

Soccer Bot

Originally written in Spanish and translated by Google. This one uses the Arduino as the brains for a robot. It looks very doable.

Perpetual Motion Machine

Use the Arduino and electromagnets to create a pendulum that never stops.

Keyless Entry system

If you don't know the correct way to knok, you can't get in.

POV with Arduino

Persistence of vision machine.(Here's his refined code)

Make Sound

Cool synthesizer type project.

Laser Tag

This one doesn't use Arduino, but it could.


Make music in a very different way.

Stuff you might use as a piece of a project

Wii Nunchuck

Use the accelerometer and such with your Arduino

Control Arduino with a TV Remote Control

This will take some tweaking, depending on the remote you have

Use the Arduino as a TV Remote Control

Pretty easy, but will take some tweaking.

Read data from a Servo

Not just a motor, it can function as a sensor.


Collection of sound/music projects

Drum Bot

Cool little robot that drives around and drums on stuff.

Control the Computer

Use sensors on the Arduino to interface with programs running on the computer

Better Temperature Sensor

A much better way to measure temperature.

Trigger a different device

This one triggers a camera to take a picture, but the same sort of thing could work for other devices as well. Here's a similar one used for high speed photography.

Use an old Mouse

I'm not talking about Mickey. Here's a way to use an optical mouse with your Arduino.