Post date: Jan 05, 2010 4:41:9 PM

Okay, so today has been a day of brainstorming. We have figured out how to get sharps AND octaves.

So basically, for the notes that have a sharp that isn't just another note, we put another penny below the main penny on the finger. That way you can easily transition to sharps from naturals.

For octaves, we're just going to add a penny on the inside of each thumb and the outside of the pointer finger so to make an octave you just have to move the thumb a little bit on the LEFT hand to go to a lower octave and on the RIGHT hand for a higher octave.

Okay, so after our brilliant ideas took shape, Mr. Dickie came and burst our bubble. Our ingenious plan had a flaw: 20 BUTTONS?!?!?!?! There are only 19 pins on an arduino board IF you make the analog pins digital. So we were sad. But then we came up with an idea. If we make FLATS instead of SHARPS, then we achieve our 19 pin goal.