Soldering and OCD!!!!

Post date: Jan 11, 2010 4:39:5 PM

Today we have decided since we have the dimes all ready to be soldered that Danielle should solder!! so she did! She also executed a perfect soldering job on her first dime!!! Congrats, Danielle!!! Then we had a thought...Could this be illegal??? Is drilling holes into pennies and dimes illegal??? Unfortunately the glue gun is out of glue stick and since Mr. Dickie is not here, we couldn't ask... This can be done tomorrow! Chelsea with her OCD tried to cut off the excess pieces of dime on the side of the drilled hole. she was able to fix one, but the razor blade dulled down so was unable to fix the other! Danielle says, "thats what you get for using a razor blade!"...Now as for the coding, Chelsea is going to attempt to fix it so that the octaves and flats are included!!! Keyword: attempt!!!