Logs for Fall 2009

For the rest of the semester we will be using this page for our daily logs. Every day you work on your project you will log your progress. Your log should include commented code samples from your daily work, pictures of what you're working on, discussion of problems faced/overcome, and other interesting facts. One log each week should give a general progress update. Where are you in the process and what do you plan to get done in the next week.

You must also note specifically what each student was responsible for completing each day!


You will be showing off your projects here. Your page must include:

    • Your names and the name of your project

    • Brief description of your project

    • Detailed description of how the program works

    • Pictures of your device

    • ExtraCredit - Short video of your device working (post to YouTube or Google Video)

    • Circuit diagram

    • Your Arduino program (which must include comments)

    • Description of problems encountered and how they were overcome

    • Description of what you'd like to add if you had more time/money